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8th SNIUS gathering was in Härnösand, physical and delightful


After a long period of on-line and distance work, around 60 old and new actors met physically in Härnösand for the 8th SNIUS meeting. Following the traditional introduction to SNIUS and recent updates from Sweden, we were joined by IUS practitioners from Denmark and Norway and learned about relevant developments in Nordic countries and in Europe. Before moving on to two very interesting study visits, we listened to the presentations by Mittuniversitet, Big Akwa, Liquid Wind and Övik Energi and learned about exciting initiatives from Västernorrland region. 

The second day focused on the key theme of this year’s gathering: how can municipalities and other local/regional public actors can repond to businesses’ needs to scale up IUS? To set a good foundation for the interactive workshop on this theme, representatives from High Coast Innovation Park, SSAB, Business Region Örebro and municipalities of Lidköping, Bengtsfors, and Sotenäs shared, and briefly discussed, their relevant experiences, plans and challenges. During the interactive workshop, participants discussed specific topics in smaller groups and jointly developed ideas to work further with - both as individual organisations and in partnership with other SNIUS members. 

Presentations from the event can be downloaded with the links below: 

Background to SNIUS and IUS updates from Sweden - Murat Mirata, Linköping University 
Industrial symbiosis initiatives in Denmark and in the Nordics – Per Möller, Kalundborg symbiosis
Industrial symbiosis in Norway and in the EU  – Christophe Pinck, Eyde Cluster 
Framtidens fiskodling – Hugo Wikström, Big Akwa
Liquid Wind & FlagshipONE i symbios med Övik Energi – Carolina Bath (Liquid Wind) and Rickard Pellny (Övik Energi)  
High Coast Innovation Park: Samverkan mellan företag för hållbar industriell symbios inom bioekonomi– Helena Näsström, RISE
Industriell symbios som möjliggör accelererad omställning till fossilfri stålproduktion  – Anna Adolfsson, SSAB 
Varför är det offentliga avgörande i industriell symbios? – Victor Sunnliden, Business Region Örebro
Industriell och urban symbios i Lidköping – Yvonne Träff, Lidköpings kommun
Industriell symbios i Bengtsfors kommun – Jeanette Lindh Svanqvist, Bengtsfors kommun 
Industrial and social symbiosis in Sotenäs – Peter Carlssson, Sotenäs kommun and Chalmers Industriteknik. 

Sjunde årsmöte var digitalt

7th annual meeting of SNIUS was held digitially on 27 November 2020. 52 participants representing public and private organisations joined the event, which focused on mobilisation actors towards establishing IUS nodes in Swedish regions. Following an introduction to IUS and SNIUS, on-going and planned initiatives were presented from Härnösand, Sotenäs, Händelö, Höganäs and Frövi as well as the regions of Kronoberg and Kalmar, Östergötland and Västergötland.

In the interactive parts of the event, participants discussed their needs, in terms of activities and resources, to accelerate IUS developments in their respective regions. Conclusions from these discussions will guide regional and national efforts to provide more effeictve support to advancing IUS practices. 

SNIUS 2020
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Linköping University, 2021

Sponsored by the Swedish Innovation Agency. 

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